The Shy One


Play Time! Taken 2013-06-16

My daughter, Cadi was a shy little girl around people she’s not very familiar with everyone else but me and her dad. So, I tried looking around and tried sending her to play with other kids in the hopes to get her more comfy with other people aside us. We somewhere in Mindanao Ave so the most logical place for us would be either SM North EDSA or Trinoma. It’s a given SM North is always packed so we’re left with Trinoma.

We saw this small place called Kevin’s Toy’s & Library at the 3rd floor and tried it out a couple of times but it seem a little too small and doesn’t smell very clean to me. Yeah, smell is a big issue for me – don’t judge. Having said that, we decided to try out the other place, Gymboree. Here’s a shot of us having fun.  I’ll be posting a review about this place soon!:)

tata, B