Stage Mom Extraordinaire

In less than 3 years I have shown various signs of being a stage mom. I knew from the very beginning I would be one and am proud of it! First major sign I was a stage mom appeared when we signed up our daughter for her first ever Halloween Costume Party. It was held at Gymboree Trinoma last October 25th. The theme – Candyland.

My mother, being the stage grand that she is checked her tailor and volunteered her services. My mom quickly went out and sourced the fabrics necessary for the costume. Unfortunately, the tailor didn’t live up to our expectations. A few fays before the big day I scoured the web to find the best costume maker. I’ve heard this costume rental store before, Camp Suki and thought it’s worth giving it a call. The owner agreed to take the job despite the very short lead time. I sent them the idea we have and went over to their shop to get our daughter measured up.

I went all out for her costume and guess what, daughter got to win Best in Costume! Oh yeah!


Gymboree Trinoma Best in Halloween Costume 2013

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