That A-ha! moment


Don’t you just love it when you are suddenly getting all these ideas out of the blue?!

This has been my life since I woke up the morning of Saturday. I am having too many ideas that I think can easily be reality with just the right execution. I can’t help but get so excited that I can barely go to sleep!

I can’t wait to get all these ideas out of my head and share it with you all! Wish me luck!:)


Help Rebuild Philippines – An Appeal

Most of us if not all knew what happened to our countrymen when the world’s strongest typhoon ever landed. We are thankful for all the help that’s been coming and all the thoughts you’ve been sending. Rebuilding isn’t easy and won’t happen over night. We all try our best to do what we can to help in our own little way.

We did a little drive with friends and we’re able to gather clothes, easy to prepare food, slippers and candles. We’re lucky to have kind heart friends that are willing to spend a little time collecting and donating. Though these were immediate needs, we still need to look at a bigger picture. Survivors are currently staying in tents. So, I decided to create a campaign with Habitat for Humanity. All proceeds will be used in developing decent homes for all survivors who we know pretty much lost everything. You can see the campaign here.

My goal is to raise PhP 50K. You think you can be a part of it?

Stage Mom Extraordinaire

In less than 3 years I have shown various signs of being a stage mom. I knew from the very beginning I would be one and am proud of it! First major sign I was a stage mom appeared when we signed up our daughter for her first ever Halloween Costume Party. It was held at Gymboree Trinoma last October 25th. The theme – Candyland.

My mother, being the stage grand that she is checked her tailor and volunteered her services. My mom quickly went out and sourced the fabrics necessary for the costume. Unfortunately, the tailor didn’t live up to our expectations. A few fays before the big day I scoured the web to find the best costume maker. I’ve heard this costume rental store before, Camp Suki and thought it’s worth giving it a call. The owner agreed to take the job despite the very short lead time. I sent them the idea we have and went over to their shop to get our daughter measured up.

I went all out for her costume and guess what, daughter got to win Best in Costume! Oh yeah!


Gymboree Trinoma Best in Halloween Costume 2013

The Shy One


Play Time! Taken 2013-06-16

My daughter, Cadi was a shy little girl around people she’s not very familiar with everyone else but me and her dad. So, I tried looking around and tried sending her to play with other kids in the hopes to get her more comfy with other people aside us. We somewhere in Mindanao Ave so the most logical place for us would be either SM North EDSA or Trinoma. It’s a given SM North is always packed so we’re left with Trinoma.

We saw this small place called Kevin’s Toy’s & Library at the 3rd floor and tried it out a couple of times but it seem a little too small and doesn’t smell very clean to me. Yeah, smell is a big issue for me – don’t judge. Having said that, we decided to try out the other place, Gymboree. Here’s a shot of us having fun.  I’ll be posting a review about this place soon!:)

tata, B